K-Ryole has been designed to answer a large mix of professional needs: whether you are a delivery professional, a craftman or an industrial facility manager, K-Ryole can help you run your business in the easiest and most convenient way.

Carry everything

Postal packets, packages, equipment, people, ... K-Ryole can carry anything or anyone, up to 250 kg.


You can rest, K-Ryole works for you. You won’t even feel her presence. What a great improvement in quality work life!

Time is money

Stop wasting time in traffic jam and stop struggling to park your vehicle.

Open your world

K-Ryole reaches all places: bicycle paths, car-free areas or industrial facilities.

Drive safe

Speed control, high road handling, electrical breaking, self driving... Your safety is our priority.

Go green

K-Ryole is a zero emission vehicle. Your business goes green and you help preserve the planet.

Save money

No fines, no fuel: K-Ryole offers a diet to your wallet.

Brand image

Need to boost your brand? Makes it trendy and dynamic with K-Ryole.

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