Private individuals

Carrying your children, transporting your shopping and belongings by bike has never been that simple!


Who said you need a car or even a driving license to go shopping? 


Pick up your shopping or your children and enjoy in the meantime a nice bicycle ride.

City environment

At K-Ryole, we believe in healthy and easy to access city centers: no more polluted air, car noises or traffic jam.


Speed control, high road handling,
electrical breaking, self-driving. Your safety is our priority.

Family time

Enjoy quality effortless family moments! K-Ryole transports your children or your parents. 


No fines, no fuel: K-Ryole offers a diet to your wallet.  


Go around the world or reach your
favorite kitesurfing spot by bike! Your belongings are following you.


No need for electrical bike to benefit from electrical assistance: K-Ryole can even push you !

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