And if trailer-sharing was the new way of living in car free environment? Campus, eco-districts, sustainable cities: offer an environmentally responsible and collective way to carry packages or people.

Offer to your users...


...A real alternative to car​

K-Ryole allows people to get rid of their car : carrying children, shopping and belongings has never been that simple!

...Ease of use

You only need few seconds to attach K-Ryole to any classic or electrical bike! 


K-Ryole feels rock solid.

...A sustainable intermodality opportunity

Finally a solution that allows easy luggage transport at a terminal train station.


Speed control, high road handling, electrical breaking, self-driving. Your safety is our priority!

...Better cities

No pollution, no sound, no traffic jam... And if K-Ryole was the opportunity to finally breath again in our home towns?

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